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Where to find all books required for the Chronicler Seal

Book 1- The Tangled Shore:

Earned by completing the campaign for forsaken. Each mission grants a story and the book will be completed by the end.

Book 2- The Man They Called Cayde:

Earned easiest by opening chests in the Ace of Spades exclusive Cayde mission, "Ace in The Hole". These will be randomly granted upon chest opening. The best way to grind these are to wait for this to be the daily heroic story mission then grind it over and over till you have them all.

They can also be found through any chest in the world so it is possible to earn these at random during chest openings.

Book 3- The Dreaming City:

Earned by opening chests and completing activities throughout the dreaming city. These chests and activities can originate from anywhere as long as they are in the dreaming city. Completing public events, blind well, and lost sectors is a good way to grind for these.

Book 4- Truth to Power:

Earned by opening the Max Curse cycle Oracle chest in Mara's Court. These have been known to usually drop once per cycle but have occasionally dropped for people twice. This book is not complete so this is a work in progress.

Book 5- The Drifter:

Earned by playing gambit, completing gambit triumphs, and earning the Malfeasance. More than half are earned through gameplay and the last two are earned through completion of the Malfeasance.

Specific triumph related books that you may not have already:

Seventh book: Earn the Triumph "more thief" which requires you to invade and return to tour side alive with three notes from the opposing side

Book One: You receive this when you receive your first Seething heart/ start the quest for Malfeasance.

Books Nine and Ten: both are in relation to progress for the weapon Malfeasance.

Book 6- Variks the Loyal:

Earned by completing activities and opening chests in the Tangled Shore during the flashpoint week. These are impossible to find without the flashpoint active so grinding out public events, heroic adventures or anything Tangled Shore related during the flashpoint can earn you these.

Book 7- Uldren Sov:

Earned by collecting the 20 unique hidden collectibles scattered around the world.

Book 8- Marasenna:

Earned by collecting all 16 ahamkara bones and destroying all 40 corrupted eggs in the dreaming city.

Book 9- The Awoken of the Reef:

Earned by collecting the 23 unique hidden collectibles scattered around the world.

Book 10- Ghost Stories:

Earned by collecting the 23 unique hidden collectibles scattered around the world.

Here is the Link for collectible searching for Books, 7, 8, 9, and 10.