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Ascendant Challenge week 10 Location, Objective, Ahamkara Bone & Corrupetd Eggs

Location & Objective Video - https://youtu.be/muSAI2IyrrM

Corrupted Eggs & Ahamkara Bone - -EHa8CbM

(Name of the challenge is keep of honed edges)

The Ascendant challenge this week is within Harbinger's Seclude which is located in Rheasilvia inside of the temple. To be more specific the portal is located where the ending of the Dark Monastary mission takes place. You will need to climb the statue by platforming either off of the blights surrounding the statue or by using ascendant platforms in the area. If you're having trouble with the jumping i'd suggest looking at the location/objective video for reference.

Ahamkara Bone Lore - When you enter the challenge, proceed forward like normal. When you get to the center arena where you would start the fighting portion of the challenge, instead head to the right side of the room (NOT the circular hut) there will be a round staircase by the edge of the arena that you will see, use this for navigation reference. By this staircase there will be two little rock platforms close by in the distance that you can jump on. Go ahead and jump to the left one and then look downward at the center of the arena. You should now be seeing the glow of the ahamkara bone. One small thing to note here is that the bone itself is on an edge so you can't land right on top of it, instead there is actually an ascendant platform that will pop up once you're close to the bone via jumping so just carefully jump down and just time your glide with lock/titan or patiently use your triple jump with hunters to land on the platform.

EGGS NOTE - The eggs in this one are a pain in the ass to explain, at least in text form so bare with me. If what i say doesn't make sense i can only suggest watching the video.

Egg #1 - Starting from the main ritual site, when facing the center of the arena (you should be seeing platforms to your left and right while looking straight at the center) you're going to head straight to the circular pillar...hut? area (at this point you'll be by the edge of the center arena)

If you look off into the distance and slightly to the left of where you are standing you will see a small glow in the shadows, this is the egg. It's a very, VERY tough shot so don't get frustrated if you don't get it right away,. A tip i would offer is getting on the ROOF of said circular hut To do this you have to basically parkour off of the edge of those platforms that i mentioned earlier in the center of the room. Titans with lion rampants and hunters with stompees should have no problem. Warlocks, you're probably going to need burst glide with the sword to maneuver up there.

Egg #2 - (NOTE) there will be debris that can hit you mid-air and kill you while trying to go for this one. I would highly recommend using the hive sword for this one.

Once again, starting from the center of the room and looking with platforms to your left and right, you're going to head to the right circular hut this time. Jump to the platform in the distance to your left keep going and jump to the next platform as this first one disappears very quickly but the second one does not.

Once you're at platform #2, you will be jumping to the next one to your right. Again, this one disappears quickly so keep moving forward and jump to the circle plate ahead of you, this does not disappear.

Once you are at this circle plate, turn to your right, the mountain will be in the distance and you must jump to it (this is where the hive sword comes in handy with gliding)

If you are having trouble seeing the mountain, don't worry that's normal. Occasionally lighting strikes and reveals the mountain to you (albeit not that clearly but it's something to help)

Again, sorry if some of this doesn't make sense on paper, it really is odd describing this week's eggs in text form. I will get a vid out showing both of these ASAP along with the ahamkara bone.